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KLEIN vintage mountain bike

1988 Pinnacle           $1799

Trek 6500 SL 21"

red lounge


Sometimes random trips out to Long Island find some real gems. This came out of a yard of hundreds of sale bikes waiting to be saved. 

It also weighed as much as an old Peugeot from the 70's with all the crap that was on it. 

So we promised it a nice clean home and a bowl of soup. 

We always know the Pre-Trek-merger Kleins because they have the pressed-in cartidge bottom brackets. They almost never need servicing or replacement. Our green Klein is like that too. 

Now, with it's 24-spoke wheelset and Pepperoni fork and other goodies we got it down to about 23.5 lbs. 

Of course we put our cruiser bar treatment on it.

Why? Because it's comfortable and fast. 

-15" frame in fluorescent red

-24 speed

-Avid brake levers

-Yellow RaceFace cranks

-Bontrager rear hub, Deore front

-Deore rear derailler, LX front.

-American Classic seatpost

-Dartmoor 2.0 600g tires

-Pepperoni 1" fork

-Tektro front V brakes, Suntour rear U brake

-all new cables with internal routing

Original Klein catalog photo 1990

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