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Genesis GX7 29er
alloy cruiser

Red Lounge

We took one of those 7 speed cruisers and customized it. 
A front derailler, shifter, and a Truvativ double crankset. Viola! 14 speeds!
The bike made to go through any terrain. 

We lightened it up considerably.

The original crankset was steel, as was the stem and handlebars. So we swapped them out for much lighter alloy parts. 
Lighrt seatpost, lighter brake upgrade. 

If you want, it will even take a triple crank.

The old wheels... They looked great but even without the freewheel, they weighed 6 pounds each. 
Yes, six pounds. Each. No kidding.
So we gave it Weinmann 700C rims and Critter tires. Less than half the weight of the old wheels but still bulletproof. 

Much lighter, much faster.

And we left the fenders on because those are cool.

But it's a BIG bike. 
If you're 6 feet or taller, no problem.

And of course, free blinkly LED rear light and bell!
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