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Trek 6500 SL 21"


K2 Tempest


When we found this bike on Craigslist back in 2106, we'd never seen another model like it. 
But even though it had an aluminum frame, it was weighed down by heavy cheap parts, like a 6+ lb suspension fork and unnecessarily heavy MTB wheels. 
And then we realized with the disc brakes we could go with bigger and lighter 700c wheels instead, making the bike faster and more nimble. The beautiful frame detailing lent itself to an Autumn theme so that's where we took it colorwise. Custom-painted orange glitter wheels, hubs, fork and chainring. We saved about 4 lbs just with an aluminum fork alone. 
And of course orange saddle, grips, and cables. gold cranks, pedals, seatclamp, seatpost and disc calipers. 
Panaracer tires are light and fast on the street. 
The bike went from 30 lbs to 23lbs when we finished.


red lounge

when I bought it.jpg

The day we brought it home, Aug 2016



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