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ll bean


If you look closely you can see the metamorphosis going on as we decided what do do with this 1980s Cannondale mountain bike that was licensed by LL Bean, the clothing company that targeted wealthy yuppies who liked to play pretend-camping, but not roam too far from their Hamptons summer house.

These models were equipped with basic mid-level parts that begged to be upgraded.

Cannondales still had that aesthetics stigma with the fat tubes that took most consumers years to accept. Front suspension was still a few years away. 
Brooks leather saddles weren't a 'thing' back then either. 
And fat MTB tires were much narrower than they are today. So much so that we had to swap out the matching fork with that wider purple one to fit some normal tires.
It rode very comfortably with that long stretched wheelbase, (lots of room for fenders too) but ultimately we had to sell it because you can't keep every one. and we already have more than we can handle. 


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