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Our story

How we started
Growing up, Ross came from a house where everything was broken, including his family.
He was forced to learn to fix things.
That included bicycles. 
One day his mother had a curious psychotic episode that caused her to relocate from the excitement and cultural stimulation of NYC to the boredom and apathy of suburban New Jersey where there was little else to do after school but ride a bicycle for miles until the road ended.
It was here that Ross cultivated his road survival skills of riding amongst cars and trucks, navigating treacherous roadways and suburban exploration.  
Nights were spent not doing homework, but spending hours in the garage trying to figure out how to add gears to his one-speed banana-seat chopper using parts from his mom's 3-speed folding bike. 
His mother is still angry to this day. 
As he grew older he followed his passion, hanging out in bicycle shops developing his mechanical skills and learning the culture and technology and eventually working in various shops around New York City and Los Angeles.
Also during this period he cultivated a philosophy: Bikes should be not just fast but stylish, safe and comfortable. What fun is a bike if you're in pain, or crouched over so far that all you're looking at is gravel? And what fun is a bike if it doesn't look amazing, reflect your style, and invite you to ride it?
What we do
Basically anything. We can restore a vintage balloon-tire bike from the 1940s and retrofit it with precision components like a 24-speed mountain bike drivetrain, hand-built mountain or street wheels and tires, and make it fly while still keeping the original integrity and style. 
We can update your favorite old bike with newer components.
Upright touring handlebars. Bigger tires for street riding. Lower gearing for making hillclimbing easier. 
Complete overhauls and cleanups that make your bike look and feel new again.
We can even get that rare vintage part.
We understand how much your bike means to you. 

Talk to us and tell us what you'd like. Almost anything is possible. 


Our current culture 
New York City's public transportation infrastucture is also slowly exceeding capacity. In the 20 minutes spent waiting for a bus or a train you could be halfway to your destination on a bicycle.
The city is hinting at trying to migrate people away from buses and trains by providing one of the largest bike lane networks in the world. There are now over 1000 miles of bikes lanes in NYC. Not to mention the ambitious Citibike rental program. Bikes are clearly the future of New York City and beyond.
It also makes sense to be safe. We advocate rear-view mirrors, (just like cars and motorcycles,) super-bright (but surprisingly affordable) LED headlights and taillights at night, (it's also the law) and awareness.
Ride like no one sees you and anticipate all situations.
Ride with confidence. You are just as entitled to ride in the street as the cars around you. Be courteous to pedestrians.
Have brakes on your bike. New York is not a private racing track. You're sharing the road.
See the big picture and enjoy the ride. 
It's all about the journey. 
We are Bike Saviors. 
We find forgotten vintage bicycles, restore them and create singular unique masterpieces,  
They become more than just bikes, they are expressions of style and personality. 
They become art.
Bicycles are our passion, and if you're here we bet they're yours too.


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